According to Egyptian suggestions matchmaking towards 14 th 100 years B

According to Egyptian suggestions matchmaking towards 14 th 100 years B

An Arabian Tribe

This new Midianites was an excellent Proto-Arabian tribe; their house legs was in Arabia as they are pertaining to Ishmaelites. The publication from Judges claims it explicitly in the facts out-of Gideon, exactly who helps make the adopting the consult of one’s Israelites immediately following defeating the fresh new Midianites:

We see proof of the partnership between Midianites and you may Ishmaelites because the well regarding names. For instance, Moses father-in-law Jethro otherwise Jether (Exod 4:17) comes with the same identity once the Davids sibling-in-rules (husband out-of Davids cousin Abigail), Jether new Ishmaelite (step 1 Chron dos:17).

Brand new Spice Trade

Into the Metal Decades and you may after, the latest Midianites, just like the an Arabian tribe, had been part of the spice trading. They’d travel away from Arabia and you will pass through Israel to their answer to the fresh new Mediterranean coast and you will/or Egypt. This might be reflected regarding the biblical facts out-of Joseph, which describes Midianite and you can Ishmaelite dealers heading to Egypt which have spices and you will slaves:

Contained in this story, the new buyers had basic oriented northern, maybe in order to change towards Arameans, and you may was swinging southern from the Jezreel valley towards Via Maris, which could need him or her to your Egypt. While the story is set on the second 100 years B.C.Age., anachronistic has such as for example camels demonstrate that it was printed in the initial 100 years B.C.E.

This new solid partnership ranging from this type of east Arabian tribes therefore the liven channel is reflected on the title this new Bible (Gen 25:1-2) gives its eponymous mom, Qeturah (?????), a reputation regarding the newest Hebrew word for incense, qetoret (?????).

In short, the fresh new Midianites was in fact a keen Arabian group working in metallurgy and also the spice trading, whose ft was at the new northeast of your Arabian Peninsula, but whose reach off settlement was much large, having purse surviving in the latest southwest Sinai Peninsula, brand new southern Transjordan, together with Aravah (this new wilderness area of the southeastern Negev), most likely from the copper blood vessels around.

Brand new Shaswe-Residential property YHWA

C.Elizabeth., we understand your Midianites were not the actual only real cultural communities life this these areas. Regarding geographical record inside the Amunhotep IIIs Soleb Nubian forehead, the people of your own Aravah in addition to southern area Transjordan are called Shaswe (or Shasu), a general identity definition something similar to “nomadic tribes.”

The word shaswe, s?sw ( ) is written pursuing the Egyptian determinative for “land” t? ( ), showing the Egyptian text was discussing other geographic areas populated by some shaswe. An area indexed is named Nomad-house Seir, which is identical on the Attach Seir region from inside the Edom. The next name throughout the list, and therefore nearby otherwise contiguous which have Seir, is actually Nomad-home Yehwa, yhw?(w) ( ). The new pronunciation of this name’s unsure, once the such as Hebrew, hieroglyphics don’t were vowels, although identity appears to be related to title off new Israelite goddess, YHWH, whoever appropriate ancient pronunciation is additionally unknown.

An excellent Goddess and you can a secure

Regarding number, Yehwa is the title of a land. As a possible nomadic category stayed in a land titled Seir, another lived-in a land named Yehwa. But in antiquity, a name you will sometimes be each other a beneficial toponym and you will a beneficial theonym. The name Assyria (Assur) depicts which demonstrably: it’s both the name regarding Assyrias master goddess and of their old investment city. Ultimately, moreover it turned into title of their kingdom. Several other analogy certainly are the Greek goddess from facts, Athena, exactly who first started due to the fact patron deity out-of Athens.

YHWH Comes from the latest Edomite Southern area

Biblical research suggests that YHWH originates from the new southeast, possibly regarding slopes out of Edom if you don’t after that south in Midian or past. That is like clear within the around three very old biblical poems: