We have pulled together answers to many of the questions we’ve been frequently asked and we are constantly working on more so use the tabs below the FAQ menu and check back soon for more updates!…

Practical information related to our current event

Q: Where is the conference?
A: Read about the venue and how to get there.

Q: My abstract has been accepted, what next?
A: Check information for speakers.

Q: I want to become a sponsor, how can I apply?
A: Great to hear that. Please read our page for sponsors.

Q: Do you have conference rates for any hotels?
A: Please check the Accommodations page for info on hotels and special rates

Generic information related to Social Connections user group

Q: What is Social Connections (soccnx)?
A: Read more about us.

Q: Who is behind Social Connections?
A: You can meet our team.

Q: I want to join Social Connections, what shall I do?
A: Awesome, start reading how to get involved.

Q: Where are some photos and presentations from the previous events available?
A: They are on Flickr, Vimeo, Slideshare…. check the Resources page.