The Next Digital Workplace: Some Practical Approaches

Right now it’s common to hear analysts talk about enterprise digital workplace potential in terms of futuristic technologies like virtual reality, IoT, and machine translation. Those are interesting and potentially powerful tools, but some of the most meaningful changes can be made this year. In a fast-paced session, Real Story Group founder Tony Byrne will […]

How IBM Watson will change content creation in the workplace forever

It’s no secret that the power of Connections Mobile improved exponentially with the introduction of rich text editing in April, but what you may not know is that the team who delivered the editor— for Connections 5.5 and Mobile—has a vision for the cognitive era that will change content creation forever. In this session, we’ll […]

Monitor and Test your IBM Messaging and Collaboration Environments with Watchit

Watchit is simple, powerful, no cost software, which executes API application-level testing to exercise both performance and user function (e.g. some CRUD operations for Connections such as Files/ Wikis etc ). It executes monitoring and some stress testing for IBM Collaborative software such as Connections, but also Sametime, Domino, Traveler as well as WebSphere applications, […]

Migrating to #ANewWayToWork: IBM Verse Migration Best Practices

Are you a customer considering a move to IBM Verse? Whether your a Domino, Google or Exchange customer don’t miss this opportunity to learning about the techniques, tools and best practices to make your migration painless. These best practices come to you directly from our global implementations of IBM Verse. We’ll take you through planning, […]

Project Toscana – Team collaboration should be this easy

It IBM Connect in Orlando, IBM previewed  its top secret Project Toscana, an exciting new team collaboration solution in the #newwaytowork initiative. Organizations are looking towards more focused, agile teams to  deliver innovation and growth. IBM is using IBM Design Thinking to re-imagine team collaboration, delivering a single place for project teams to efficiently work […]

Evolving Teamwork with Project Toscana

We know that the need to innovate quickly is pushing people to work differently and collaborate more seamlessly. Influence the design direction for Project Toscana by participating in this hands-on design session exploring small team collaboration. Help us understand where and how you work with others most effectively.  Plus, be one of the first to […]

How Designing IBM Verse Led Us to a New Way to Work

Is your head spinning trying to figure out how to apply Design Thinking, Agile, and Continuous Delivery to your project? Come hear the lessons the IBM Verse team learned as they took advantage of these principles and practices to go from vision to enterprise-worthy in 15 months. Find out what things work and what things […]

Using IBM DOC’s to edit everything

During this session you will discover how to use IBM DOCs to co-edit files coming from sources different than IBM Connections. We will to configure IBM DOCs and how to makes your source repository interacting with IBM DOCs. And if you would co-edit files from your desktop?

Design Thinking for Application Development

This session is a workshop that will make use of IBM Design Thinking in designing for Application Development, we will focus on a use case of a Developer who is working with the IBM Collaboration & Social Cloud services. Attendees will learn a bit about IBM Design Thinking, and will be helping to design an […]

Change behavior, one tiny habit at a time

The biggest challenge of a software implementation is in user adoption, because it is about changing behavior: moving from ‘the way we work now’ to ‘the way we work new’, until that becomes so automatic and internalized that it again will be ‘the way we work now’. Particularly with a social collaboration and communication platform […]