How Industrial Revolution is Driving Collaboration Innovations

There is a new industrial revolution around digital that is being built upon the advent of digital technologies, computers, the IT industry, and the automation of process in just about all industries.  The new revolution is significantly different from the past revolutions, in that, it is evolving at an exponential rather than linear pace while […]

Everything you wanted to know about IBM Connections Meetings Cloud, but were afraid to ask!

This session will provide the attendees with a demonstration of how IBM Connections Meetings Cloud can provide affordable and accessible cloud meeting services to help enhance team productivity, shorten sales cycles and reduce travel costs. The demonstration will cover the following capabilities: – Multi-way video conferencing, – Application, presentation and document sharing, – Managing meeting […]

IBM Connections Cloud Administration

Even in the Cloud you need to manage your IBM Connections Cloud environment. This presentation will explain the key tasks for IBM Connections Cloud Administration especially around User Management. We will discuss the challenges and the best practices approach to integrate and sync with your enterprise directories using IBM Integration Server.

Are You Ready for an Alternative in Application Development?

You and I have been developing applications with the Domino Designer for most of their professional lives. Are we ready for an alternative? Have a look at the Forms Experience Builder. See an introduction to FEB and learn how the Forms Experience Builder compares to the Domino Designer with respect to – Forms – Notifications […]

IBM Connections – Managing Growth and Expansion

You are lucky, your Connections platform is experiencing rapid growth – now what? How to you determine when you have grown to where you need to build out the service? How do you grow WebSphere or the File Service Space? How do you add additional Web Servers or is it better to add a proxy […]

Stop the Intranet Schizophrenia (and Succeed with IBM Connections)

Most Intranets suffer from too many tools with too little integration. Different Intranet platforms for Communication and Collaboration cause attention fragmentation, content fragmentation, content overlap, redundancy and inconsistency and pose difficult challenges for authors and users and raise government challenges. The simple fact is, with more than one Intranet platform there can not be a […]