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OpenNTF: Past, Present, and Future

OpenNTF has long been a central hub for community and open-source development in the Notes/Domino world. In the past year, however, it has also expanded its capabilities with new tooling and a broadening scope to the larger IBM portfolio. This presentation will discuss OpenNTF’s history and its plans for the future, including a look at […]

IBM Connections vs. Office 365 – Episode II

In this session I will explain why IBM Connections is better than Office 365. Forget about features and functions, the value for you and for your organization does really matter. The previous version of this deck ( earned 2000 views on Slideshare in 4 months and thus became the 3rd most viewed in #soccnx history! […]

Empowering the transformation of Toronto’s Waterfront with IBM Connections

Waterfront Toronto is the public organization mandated with overseeing the revitalization of almost 2000 acres of the Toronto skyline. As a tri-government organization, they are fully accountable to the governments of Canada, Ontario and the City of Toronto, and also provide the basic city building vision to develoeprs, contractors, consultants, and citizens’ groups about the […]

Cognitive collaboration

Collaboration and social applications generate a lot of information: over 80% of business data may be in email, activity streams, files, and other unstructured content that is growing inexorably. Thankfully, cognitive computing and natural language processing have the potential to help and bring unexpected insights from all that content.  Come to this session to find […]

A Selection of Tapas. Recipes for inter-organization collaboration in the cloud.

A platter of small case studies about using Connections Cloud to create collaboration environments between, rather than just within, organizations. The cases will include examples from business, government, universities and NGOs in Canada, collaborating with other organisations at home and around the world. The most unique and interesting aspects, and challenges, of each will be […]

What’s New and Coming in IBM Connections

IBM Connections provides the platform of social tools you need to transform your organization. IBM Connections enables you to reach your customers and partners faster, drive innovation, share content and expertise, and complete work faster. In this session, we’ll describe what’s new in the brand new IBM Connections release and preview a few new features […]

IBM Connections Antipatterns

IBM Connections is a platform with many powerful tools and universal tools for everyday tasks. However, people are creative and often use, over use and misuse one or two of their most favorite functions for everything. In this short presentation, I will highlight some of the bad practices and show you how to avoid them. […]

Connections Adoption at TD Bank

In this session, Abby will take us through a number of Connections adoption case studies covering challenges and the bumps along the road as well as describing the ultimate value gained in each instance. She will share insights into techniques TD have used to increase awareness, encourage use of Connections for business purposes, and, talk […]

SocialStudent – an update on activity since IBM Connect!

The culture of education is different than the business world, and that difference changes everything from the sales cycle, to the deployment process, the support requirements, and most of all, the user community. In the education space, adoption and deployment is largely a decentralized and social process, rather than a mandated corporate decision. Expansion and […]