Business Drivers and Technical Details

When you upgrade your social business solution, business drivers are critical. Technical expertise is also critical to ensure you deliver ll the solutions you want on time and within budget. Come to this session to see how The Superior Group partnered with ToalSystems Consulting to evolve its social business platform and take advantage of the […]

A new way of Knowledge Networking @ SES

SES, the world”s leading provider of satellite services has embarked on a knowledge networking program using IBM Connections as their new Digital Workplace. SES Connect is the name given to this exciting new “digital workplace” that will allow for smarter online working. Based on an online collaboration survey to better assess how information was currently […]

Corporate dis-Connect

Implementing social software is much more than a software deployment – it will be a change to the culture of the organization. Something special happens when employees and different departments connect. How can we get our employees using social software to reap the benefits? To get there, an organization must first understand the change, identify […]

How TELUS used collaboration to change our culture and drive business results

In this 30-minute deep dive, attendees will learn how a culture of collaboration helped TELUS transform how we supported customers, employees and drove business outcomes. Instead of positioning collaborative technology as the solution, TELUS worked to change the culture by introducing the behaviors and leadership model needed to truly become an organization that shared information […]

What is Connections and what can it do for my Organisation?

How many times has some one asked you to explain the components of IBM Connections and what it can do for them?. How many times have you looked for a simple explanation and are still looking…. In this spotlight session I will introduce you to a concept that I developed and used multiple times to […]

Future of work: Welcome to the #PostMillennial Era

In the future, work will be radically different. If we look at the current evolution of organizations, we see a “Millennial” model emerging: these organizations are flat, digital, mobile, data-driven and are arguably an improvement on the typical 20th century organization, an improvement on the old way to work. Collective intelligence is enabled by technology, […]

Herding Presidents (and others) to the Promised Land

In this case study, we’ll cover how a religious institution used IBM Connections to revolutionize how collaboration works within the non-profit. The initial group of users were hiring a new leader and 5 of the 15 users were current or past presidents of the organization. All of the users were influential in their professional lives […]

Clouds away, the secrets of administrating your cloud!

Let us take 30 minutes to unleash the ‘SECRETS’ of the IBM Connections Cloud.  How you can make your life easier in administrating your IBM Connections Cloud organization, users or even your visitors. Terms as BSS, LLIS, G3, CA1, S1 or Dual Entitlement will now start making sense! What can you do in bulk? What […]