Confessions of a Connections Addict

Social collaboration technologies are all the rage, and let’s face it — the #newwaytowork is pretty cool and bleeding-edge.  But every tool can be misused, overused, and abused — and IBM Connections is no different!  In this spotlight session we will bring you our deepest darkest Connections confessions, as collated from peers and colleagues who […]

Connections Upgrades and Migrations the Easy Way

Migrating or upgrading an IBM Connections instance can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Sharon has had 6 years of successful upgrades and migrations and can assist in the mind-field of information required (and also lessons learnt from some not so successful ones). From what you need to download and configure to which […]

No, I’m not retired!

Recently we moved and downsized from a large North American urban area to a smaller house in the country. We also downsized the infrastructure of our corporation. Thanks to Cloud, Social and Collaborative technologies, acquaintances in our new locale think we are retired and not working full time. In our area there is a high […]