A brand new track for Social Connections 8, delivered exclusively by IBM.

Evolving Teamwork with Project Toscana

We know that the need to innovate quickly is pushing people to work differently and collaborate more seamlessly. Influence the design direction for Project Toscana by participating in this hands-on design session exploring small team collaboration. Help us understand where and how you work with others most effectively.  Plus, be one of the first to […]

How Designing IBM Verse Led Us to a New Way to Work

Is your head spinning trying to figure out how to apply Design Thinking, Agile, and Continuous Delivery to your project? Come hear the lessons the IBM Verse team learned as they took advantage of these principles and practices to go from vision to enterprise-worthy in 15 months. Find out what things work and what things […]

Design Thinking for Application Development

This session is a workshop that will make use of IBM Design Thinking in designing for Application Development, we will focus on a use case of a Developer who is working with the IBM Collaboration & Social Cloud services. Attendees will learn a bit about IBM Design Thinking, and will be helping to design an […]

Design Thinking: How to stay oriented

How do you feel when you are away from your team? Do you have too many projects to keep track of? Can you keep your head above the flood of information coming in? Work with the IBM Design team to explore how to focus on your important priorities. Identify opportunities where our collaboration capabilities can […]