How and why to develop for these services. We’d love you to share your tips, techniques and experience of developing solutions or applications, where you might hit issues, and how you overcome them. (30-minute and 60-minute slots)

OpenNTF: Past, Present, and Future

OpenNTF has long been a central hub for community and open-source development in the Notes/Domino world. In the past year, however, it has also expanded its capabilities with new tooling and a broadening scope to the larger IBM portfolio. This presentation will discuss OpenNTF’s history and its plans for the future, including a look at […]

Using IBM DOC’s to edit everything

During this session you will discover how to use IBM DOCs to co-edit files coming from sources different than IBM Connections. We will to configure IBM DOCs and how to makes your source repository interacting with IBM DOCs. And if you would co-edit files from your desktop?