Sessions that take a higher-level view of the issues, challenges and opportunities that surface when deploying social platforms. (30-minute and 60-minute slots)

IBM Connections vs. Office 365 – Episode II

In this session I will explain why IBM Connections is better than Office 365. Forget about features and functions, the value for you and for your organization does really matter. The previous version of this deck ( earned 2000 views on Slideshare in 4 months and thus became the 3rd most viewed in #soccnx history! […]

Corporate dis-Connect

Implementing social software is much more than a software deployment – it will be a change to the culture of the organization. Something special happens when employees and different departments connect. How can we get our employees using social software to reap the benefits? To get there, an organization must first understand the change, identify […]

Man versus Machine – A Story About Embracing Innovation

Technology and innovation impacts every industry, line of business and profession in ways we could not imagine even 50 years ago. While IT is meant to make things more efficient, the pace of IT evolution makes it hard to think of the future as being “easier”. History shows that companies which are unable to innovate […]

Fitting IBM into a Microsoft Universe.

Many customers own Office 365 but realize that simply moving to the cloud may not solve their long endured productivity issues. But reality strikes and even if IBM has a better mousetrap, the CIO wants to go Microsoft. Is that the best solution or should you instead suggest a hybrid configuration would be best for […]