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How Industrial Revolution is Driving Collaboration Innovations

There is a new industrial revolution around digital that is being built upon the advent of digital technologies, computers, the IT industry, and the automation of process in just about all industries.  The new revolution is significantly different from the past revolutions, in that, it is evolving at an exponential rather than linear pace while […]

Stop the Intranet Schizophrenia (and Succeed with IBM Connections)

Most Intranets suffer from too many tools with too little integration. Different Intranet platforms for Communication and Collaboration cause attention fragmentation, content fragmentation, content overlap, redundancy and inconsistency and pose difficult challenges for authors and users and raise government challenges. The simple fact is, with more than one Intranet platform there can not be a […]

IBM Connections: Adoption, Analytics & Monitoring

You’ve successfully deployed IBM Connections, but do you know which pockets of users are actively engaged and sharing knowledge? Join us and gain insight on how to analyze and accelerate IBM Connections adoption. Learn all about our new approach to monitoring uptake and how analyzing usage patterns can help you to get the most out […]

Secrets to create gravity and draw users into your IBM Connections environment with rapid database-driven social applications and components

There are 2 gravitational forces that pull your users into your enterprise social network: content and process.   IBM Connections stores semi structured content well via its included social apps.   Many use cases require highly structured relational data, and these belong in your enterprise social network too!   An exciting solution utilizing the latest standards for user […]

Leveraging your organization’s most important asset – its social network

In business, it’s not just what you know but also who you know that matters. We know that relationships are the fabric which binds organizations together. Leveraging an organization’s collective social network can surface previously hidden and unexpected insights which organizations are using to increase collaboration, improve sales performance and accelerate employee onboarding. This session […]