New for Social Connections 8, this track is designed to give new (or experienced) speakers the chance to present a short session on a topic of their choice. Think of it as being akin to TED talks, but within the framework of Social Connections. You can choose to use a presentation deck or not, to prepare earnestly or to speak from the heart, the choice is yours. What we’re after is insight, interest and passion – the rest is up to you! (15-minute slots only)

A Selection of Tapas. Recipes for inter-organization collaboration in the cloud.

A platter of small case studies about using Connections Cloud to create collaboration environments between, rather than just within, organizations. The cases will include examples from business, government, universities and NGOs in Canada, collaborating with other organisations at home and around the world. The most unique and interesting aspects, and challenges, of each will be […]

Are You Ready for an Alternative in Application Development?

You and I have been developing applications with the Domino Designer for most of their professional lives. Are we ready for an alternative? Have a look at the Forms Experience Builder. See an introduction to FEB and learn how the Forms Experience Builder compares to the Domino Designer with respect to – Forms – Notifications […]

What is Connections and what can it do for my Organisation?

How many times has some one asked you to explain the components of IBM Connections and what it can do for them?. How many times have you looked for a simple explanation and are still looking…. In this spotlight session I will introduce you to a concept that I developed and used multiple times to […]

IBM Connections Antipatterns

IBM Connections is a platform with many powerful tools and universal tools for everyday tasks. However, people are creative and often use, over use and misuse one or two of their most favorite functions for everything. In this short presentation, I will highlight some of the bad practices and show you how to avoid them. […]

Change behavior, one tiny habit at a time

The biggest challenge of a software implementation is in user adoption, because it is about changing behavior: moving from ‘the way we work now’ to ‘the way we work new’, until that becomes so automatic and internalized that it again will be ‘the way we work now’. Particularly with a social collaboration and communication platform […]

Confessions of a Connections Addict

Social collaboration technologies are all the rage, and let’s face it — the #newwaytowork is pretty cool and bleeding-edge.  But every tool can be misused, overused, and abused — and IBM Connections is no different!  In this spotlight session we will bring you our deepest darkest Connections confessions, as collated from peers and colleagues who […]

SocialStudent – an update on activity since IBM Connect!

The culture of education is different than the business world, and that difference changes everything from the sales cycle, to the deployment process, the support requirements, and most of all, the user community. In the education space, adoption and deployment is largely a decentralized and social process, rather than a mandated corporate decision. Expansion and […]