Change behavior, one tiny habit at a time

The biggest challenge of a software implementation is in user adoption, because it is about changing behavior: moving from ‘the way we work now’ to ‘the way we work new’, until that becomes so automatic and internalized that it again will be ‘the way we work now’.

Particularly with a social collaboration and communication platform employees can be dazzled with all the possibilities and the huge change it requires of them. For such a transformation you need more than training ‘how’ to use a tool, or even ‘why’ to use it. Tooling is the technology-push that makes new ways of working possible, but it does not make me change my work habits.

To effectively change or start behavior requires practice and we need to take small steps that are easy to do. Let’s take B.J. Fogg’s Behavior model and use it for a practical Tiny Habits program to change behavior. Let’s explore how to do a Tiny Habits program to ease employees into using a new platform.

Location: Calgary Room Date: June 6, 2016 Time: 3:50 pm - 4:05 pm Sasja Beerendonk (Silverside)