Empowering the transformation of Toronto’s Waterfront with IBM Connections

Waterfront Toronto is the public organization mandated with overseeing the revitalization of almost 2000 acres of the Toronto skyline. As a tri-government organization, they are fully accountable to the governments of Canada, Ontario and the City of Toronto, and also provide the basic city building vision to develoeprs, contractors, consultants, and citizens’ groups about the development of the Toronto waterfront.

In this session, you will hear about Waterfront Toronto’s ongoing journey to become a more social organisation, and their use of IBM Connections as a collaboration space that supports all aspects of their city building, citizen engagement, and business and developer community ecosystem.

Case Study
Location: Toronto Room Date: June 6, 2016 Time: 4:55 pm - 5:25 pm Kristina Verner (Waterfront Toronto) Alexander Temelkovski (IBM)