Humanising Cognitive Systems

According to Gallup’s survey on Employee Engagement > (2013), current levels of disengaged employees in most companies are reaching rather alarming % figures (i.e. 87%). Overworked, rather stressed, with more in their own plates than hours in the day while navigating through a rather complex, uncertain and fast speeding working environment, today’s average knowledge workers are barely reaping off the many benefits of working smarter, not necessarily harder, through social, collaborative and cognitive systems.

The challenge we are currently facing in most organizations today though is trying to figure out whether all of these emerging digital, cognitive technologies would be effective enough to help organisations re-humanise their respective knowledge workforces with a rather specific business purpose in mind: re-engage employees to reinstate that long time forgotten journey of delighting their clients. Come & join us to find out!

Humanising Cognitive Systems from Social Connections

Future of Work Keynotes & Main Tent
Location: Toronto Room Date: June 7, 2016 Time: 3:10 pm - 3:55 pm Luis Suarez (#SocBiz Adviser)