Monitor and Test your IBM Messaging and Collaboration Environments with Watchit

Watchit is simple, powerful, no cost software, which executes API application-level testing to exercise both performance and user function (e.g. some CRUD operations for Connections such as Files/ Wikis etc ). It executes monitoring and some stress testing for IBM Collaborative software such as Connections, but also Sametime, Domino, Traveler as well as WebSphere applications, LDAP and databases. Monitoring the various components which support the software, helps ensure a comprehensive, holistic approach to problem determination.

The monitoring dashboard and reports are available not only as a regular webpage, but also within a Connections community. Access management as well as expected social aspects (discussions, sharing etc ) are leveraged in the familiar Connections environment, so that front line staff and upper management has a real-time and historical perspective on the environment.

Come see and hear how Watchit might be used for your environment as well !

Location: Calgary Room Date: June 7, 2016 Time: 12:25 pm - 12:55 pm Neil Santos (IBM)