Catharine Fennell (videoBIO)

Catharine Fennell is CEO and Founder of videoBIO, an IBM Business Partner. Catharine is a career expert specializing in personal branding, talent development and HR innovation in the enterprise. Catharine has been working with corporations worldwide in helping them think digitally about employment brands, employees and talent in our new social world. Catharine’s company videoBIO powers large employers around the world with video interaction systems and technology used in talent acquisition, assessment, interviewing and talent development and provides unique capabilities in helping candidates and employees to present themselves and share their value using video-centric communication tools.  From the start of her career in 1996 Catharine has influenced many digital firsts including the first generation online banking environments, the first online doctor-patient communities and some of the first career-based learning management systems. Catharine is an advocate for women in business. Connect with Catharine @catharinefennell

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