Clarissa Felts (Lowe’s)

Clarissa Felts was named Vice President of Collaboration in September of 2012.

In this role, Felts is responsible for enabling collaboration and driving diversity of thought through strategic alliances and implementing a strategy that maximizes collaboration that impacts employees, customers and vendors.

Previously Felts was the initiative lead for the integrated workforce experience, responsible for leading a cross-functional team delivering collaborative technology, enterprise content management and seamless workspace to Lowe’s workforce. She also led internal communications and corporate events for more than 12 years, holding the position of Director before being promoted to Vice President in January 2006; Felts also held leadership roles in Lowe’s investor relations and public relations for 12 years.

Felts joined Lowe’s in July 1981 as a certified public accountant in the corporate accounting area. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

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